Private Dining and Meeting Policies

Portland Country Club Policies are designed to ensure our ability to properly serve you.

Member Sponsorship

Portland Country Club is a private Member-owned Club. All private parties and meetings must be hosted by or sponsored by a Member. Member sponsors assume responsibility for the charges, the conduct of their guests and the condition of the facilities associated with their sponsored event. The Member does not have to attend the function in order to be a sponsor. The Member-sponsor will be required to sign a Sponsorship Agreement prior to the event. The executed Sponsorship agreement must be returned to the Club in order to reserve the desired space.

Private Event Confirmation

We will provide you with a Private Event Confirmation stating the date, time, estimated number of guests, the room(s) desired and other preliminary information pertaining to your event. The room(s) will be reserved for your event after you have signed and returned your Confirmation with the deposit.


A deposit equal to $10.00 per person (indicated on the Private Event Confirmation) is required to reserve a room. The event deposit is non-refundable. If the event is cancelled and we are notified more than 72 hours prior to the event date, your deposit may be applied to a future date for the cancelled event within twelve months of the original date. If the event is cancelled less than 72 hours prior to event date, the deposit is forfeited.

Private Event Plan

We will produce a Private Event Plan outlining the details of your event. The host will be required to sign the Plan and return it to the Club.


The host shall provide the Club with the guaranteed number of guests and the menu to be served 72 hours prior to the event. The guarantees for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday events shall be provided by noon on the prior Thursday. If we do not receive a guarantee, the particulars indicated on the Private Event Confirmation and on the Private Event Plan will become the guarantee. The guarantee is the amount the Club will prepare to serve and the amount for which the Club will charge the host. The Club will be prepared to serve up to 5% (maximum of 5 people) above the guarantee.

Event Charges

An event charge will be applied to bills for private events when necessary to ensure that the Club’s costs for providing service to the event are met and exceeded by the event’s sales.

Labor Charges

A labor charge will be applied to bills for private events booked for times when the Club would not normally be open, i.e. Sunday evenings (other than when on summer hours), holidays the Club is closed and any Monday.

Ala Carte Service

Full menu service may be provided for parties of 15 or less.

Limited Menus

A menu with 2 or 3 selections from the Club’s current Grill Room menu can be made available to parties of 24 or less.

Pre-selected menus

Parties larger than 10 are encouraged to pre-select their menus. Parties of more than 24 must pre-select their menus. You may offer your guests a choice of two entrees (special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice). You will be required to provide the Club with the number of each entrée to be served at the time of the guarantee, and to provide your guests with a name tag or place card indicating their meal choice.

Food and Beverage

The Club shall provide all food and beverages consumed at our Club. Wedding cakes are exempt. Items that have been provided as part of a display, e.g., blocks of cheese, may not be removed from the Club.

Service Charge and Tax

20% service charge and 8% sales tax will be added to all food and beverage charges.


The Club reserves the right to adjust prices to market fluctuations up to 30 days prior to an event.


Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse, Golf Pro Shop, Tennis Pro Shop, Pool, Pool Cafe or any locker room or rest room.

Table Size

Tables of 12 or less may be seated in the Grill Room during normal service hours.

Personal Property

The Club is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. However if something is lost, there is a Lost & Found closet in the Main Office and you are encouraged to check with them.

Additional Service Providers

Meals and other services for musicians, photographers, videographers, decorators and other individuals providing services to your event must be prearranged. Alcoholic beverages may not be provided to these individuals.

Responsible Alcohol Service

The Club is committed to protecting the welfare of our Members, their guests and the community. We reserve the right to refuse service, including service of alcohol, to anybody at any time.


The Club's name may not be used in any public advertisement.

Decorations, Signs and Confetti

The Club will not allow anything to be attached to the furniture, room, building or grounds surfaces without prior approval by the appropriate Club representative. In addition, rice, birdseed, confetti and similar materials may not be used at the Club without prior approval.

Cleaning Fee

Hosts will be charged when conditions require more than normal custodial care to clean the room following their event.

When planning your event, contact our Event Planner, Kate Carlson at or call her at (207) 781-2340, ext. 220.