Member Sponsorship

Although the Portland Country Club is a private Member-owned Club, Members may sponsor their friends, colleagues and business associates to host their own private events.  When a Member sponsors another to host an event at PCC, the Member does not have to attend the function. All details for the event can be coordinated between either the Member or the Member-Sponsored Guest and our Event Coordinator Kate Carlson. 

Crafting a Menu

Our Event team has created delicious, inspired menus from intimate dinners to large banquets. Please contact Kate Carlson and start a conversation about what you may be looking for. PCC has years of experience when it comes to putting you and your guests at ease.


Our Food and Beverage Director, Alex Caprio Feldman, will work closely with Members and their Member-Sponsored guests to ensure that all beverage selections compliment the chosen menu.

Additional Service Providers

Our Event Team has a variety of suggestions and recommendations for musicians, photographers, videographers, and other individuals that will make your event memorable.

Policies and Procedures

All Portland Country Club Policies and Procedures are designed to ensure our ability to properly serve our Membership and their Guests. For a complete list of details pertinent to hosting an event at the Portland Country Club, please contact our Event Planner Kate Carlson or call her at (207) 781-2340, ext. 220.