Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to be a member to have an event at the Portland Country Club?
A:  You do not need to be a member but you do need a member to sponsor your event.

Q:  Does the sponsoring member need to be present at the event?
A:  No the member does not have to attend the event; however, they are responsible for their guests’ actions and guarantee that all charges will be paid on time.

Q:  Can we bring in our own caterer?
A:  No, the Club will provide food, beverage and and excellent service for all events. Our Event team has created delicious, inspired menus from intimate dinners to large banquets. Please contact Rachel Allard and start a conversation about what you may be looking for. 

Q:  Can you do a kosher event?
A:  We can bring in kosher products and can plan a full menu to be prepared on a grill, but we do not have a kosher kitchen.

Q:  Can we bring in the flowers and other decorations or does the club provide them?
A:  You may bring in any decorations you like; we can also provide you with flowers and decorations and pass the expense on to you. We also have a list of preferred vendors.

Q:  Do you have audio/visual rentals?
A:  Yes, we have everything from LCD projectors and laptops to flip charts, all available for a nominal fee.

Q: Can we have our wedding ceremony at the Club?
A:  Yes, we can accommodate a wedding ceremony for up to 100 people.

Q:  Do you provide for dietary restrictions?
A:  Yes, however, we may need some advance notice depending on the restriction.

Q:  If we are having a fundraiser can liquor and food be donated?
A:  No, because we are private club we must provide all food and beverage.

Q:  Can we have both an open bar and then a cash bar at an event?
A:  Yes, we can set up the bar to suit your needs.

Q: Do you have recommendations for additional service providers?
A: Yes. Our Event Team has a variety of suggestions and recommendations for musicians, photographers, videographers, and other individuals that will make your event memorable.

Policies and Procedures:

All Portland Country Club Policies and Procedures are designed to ensure our ability to properly serve our Membership and their Guests. For a complete list of details pertinent to hosting an event at the Portland Country Club, please contact our Event Planner Alex Feldman, [email protected] or call her at (207) 781-2340, ext. 220.